Various book covers featured in the clever candy list.

Clever Candy Lit

Rated by
Stefanie E.
Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

From our librarian Stefanie: Recently I was trying to describe the joy that I felt while reading the sinfully fun novel Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan to a coworker. It was the most deliciously romantic family gossip trilogy and, with two young children in the house and my daytime work duties, I gobbled them up in a mere 3 weeks! I like to call juicy love stories with a side of wit and elegance like this Clever Candy Lit.

Night Shift

Charlain Harris
Rated by
Melody M.K.
Saturday, Jul 9, 2016

​Popular Sookie Stackhouse author Charlaine Harris has just finished a trilogy set in Midnight, Texas. Midnight Crossroad introduces the small town and the people that live there; a vampire, a witch, a spiritualist, weretigers and angels, with just a few people thrown into the mix.