Oct 21, 2021

Rules For Being a Girl is about a girl in high school named Marin who is a steady rule-follower with big dreams. Marin has a teacher named Mr. Beckett that admires her rule-following and creates an unprofessional relationship with her that leads to Marin being assaulted.

I give this book a 4 out of 5. I like the message it spreads and how realistic the characters are. Marin goes through a lot and the readers see her grow and learn about herself. This book notes the reality of how society views and handles assault and grooming. There are so many layers involved in the story and while we only

Feb 9, 2021

In 1893, witch trials are rampant, especially in the town of New Salem.  Juniper, Agnes, and Bella are three sisters bound together by magic after years of separation.  While having to work through buried conflicts with themselves and each other, these sisters realize how magic and witchcraft are on the brink of extinction.  Together, these sisters work with witches in the town of New Salem to combat the misogyny and anti-witch attitudes that dominate New Salem society, all the while learning the value of their own witching abilities and womanhood.

The most compelling aspect of the book was