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When I Was the Greatest

Jason Reynolds
Rated by
Helen H.
Sunday, Feb 21, 2016

It’s a tale as old as time: teens going to parties far beyond their years. For this Johnson County reader, the interest in Jason Reynold's When I Was the Greatest lies in the microclimate of Bed-Stuy in New York City.

Cover of the film Chef

Chef (DVD)

Jon Favreau
Rated by
Stefanie E.
Tuesday, Nov 17, 2015

I think one of the best things about being human is our appreciation of fine food and sharing meals. Not surprisingly, I adore movies about cooking. So when Chef came to theaters last year I was intrigued. My husband and I went to our favorite local theater and were immediately hooked by the vivid colors on the screen accompanied by bright Latin pop booming over the speakers.

The Way (DVD)

Rated by
Hannah Jane C.
Monday, May 27, 2013

When Thomas Avery’s son, Daniel, is killed in the Pyrenees, Thomas leaves California to retrieve Daniel’s body. Once he gets to France, Thomas discovers that Daniel was walking the Camino de Santiago, which is a pilgrimage that is, at its roots, spiritual but is taken for many other reasons. For his own personal motives, which are both glaringly obvious and maddeningly discreet, Thomas decides to make the pilgrimage.

The Brave by Nicholas Evans

Rated by
Helen H.
Monday, Jan 17, 2011

When your first novel sells about fifteen million copies across the world, has been the number one bestseller in about 20 countries, has been translated into 36 languages, and gets made into a movie, starring, produced and directed by Robert Redford, is there a point to trying again? Seriously, if you were Nicholas Evans, author of The Horse Whisperer would you really think you could do it again?

Friday, Apr 2, 2010

Master of the DeltaIn the early 1950s, Jack Branch returns to his home town of Lakeland to teach at the the local high school as his father did before him. The Branchs are the aristocracy of this southern community and Jack has attended some the finest private schools and universities. The Branchs see teaching as the "noblesse oblige " to the community that has been the family home for more than