Nov 17, 2021

Princess Talia, who is woken by Jack, comes to the future. She realizes that she has slept for three-hundred years and does not know what the new world is.  Princess Talia believes that she can escape her village and live with Jack, whom she must seduce to fall in love with her. However, she must do so before the witch takes her away.

This book is mostly well written. I particularly enjoy that A Kiss in Time is mostly related to Sleeping Beauty. However, there are multiple changes and real-life situations. I also enjoy that each chapter is from different perspectives. This gives me an idea

Oct 21, 2021

The third book in The School for Good and Evil series by Soman Chainani, The Last Ever After, was surprisingly unpredictable. While Agatha and Tedros are transported back to Gavaldon, Sophie is living with the School Master. Although the girls’ story was supposed to be closed long ago, their separation causes their story to be opened once again as evil takes over and old villains return from their graves. At first, this book felt like a repeat of the first two novels in the series, but it soon surprised me with some crazy plot twists. This addition to the series provided a deeper look into the

Thorn by Intisar Khanani


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Oct 21, 2021

A retelling of the Goose Girl, Khanani introduces us to Princess Alyrra who is soon to be betrothed to the Crown Prince Kestrin. She travels to his kingdom with her handmaiden where the Lady, a fae folk, switches their appearances and uses this to capture Kestrin. Distraught, Alyrra has to warn him of the fake princess and the soon coming danger to his life. She soon realizes that he’s aware of this, and Alyrra comes to accept her new life. She takes on the position of a goose girl and the new name of Thorn. The handmaiden sets out to make the goose girl’s life miserable, and Kestrin gets

Oct 21, 2021

Blue de la Cour is a talented alchemist with a dangerous secret: she is a witch. In Balavata, magic is both feared and hated, so the magic in Blue’s blood could very well lead to her death. After her father’s sudden death, she is thrown into turmoil, finding herself the ward of Lady Chauveau, a powerful councilwoman. What’s more, strange things are happening in the kingdom — orphans are being kidnapped, daughters of influential families are being murdered, and screams of monsters echo through the streets. As attacks on the street become more frequent, Blue is forced to work with her childhood

Sep 12, 2021

Maia Tamarin has traveled to the very ends of the earth to create three otherworldly dresses made from the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon, and the blood of the stars. However, Maia has paid a grievous price for this. Every day since she struck a deal with the demon Bandur, she becomes more and more like him — her eyes glow red, she hears voices urging her to harness the darkness inside of her, and she sees visions of a bloody future. However, Maia has much, much more to worry about. A’Landi lies on the brink of war with the Northern Lands, and Maia could be the key to bringing

Mar 24, 2021

Ever wondered what happens after "And they all lived happily ever after"? Emma Theriault is here to tell you in her 352 page novel that combines the tale as old as time of Beauty and her Beast with the French Revolution. At a time when Europe is on the brink of civil war, following America on the path of revolution, Belle must qualm the fears and fury of her kingdom while rooting out treason within her own royal circles.

I was very intrigued by the idea of reading on after the "fairytale ending" and seeing princesses come into their power. This felt like a Disney princess story for young

Mar 8, 2021

The storyline gave me Alice in Wonderland vibes and I enjoyed it very much. I appreciated the story and the tale and I liked it very much.

Plus, I liked the peaceful and calming tones of the book cover. It was very compelling to me as the reader and I was intrigued and enjoyed the book.

Jan 4, 2021

William Goldman’s ​The Princess Bride​ is a story of true love, revenge, and adventure. Buttercup, a farm girl forced into royalty by her husband-to-be, Prince Humperdinck, is kidnapped by an evil genius, a giant, and the most talented swordsman in the world. Westley, Buttercup’s thought to be dead true love, must save her from her three kidnappers and her unwanted husband.

In this novel, Goldman perfectly blends fiction and reality until it seems that everything in the story must be true. Goldman’s writing is truly genius; the language he uses is flawless, and his story within a story is