Cover America's Forgotten Pandemic

America's Forgotten Pandemic

Alfred W Crosby
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Joyce M
Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018

America's Forgotten Pandemic is truly terrifying. The influenza pandemic of 1918 killed more people than the bubonic plague; in the U.S., 670,000 people died in 15 months. When you read of the great numbers of people dying, whole families succumbing, shortages of coffins, it’s nearly unbelievable.

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Inferno: A Doctor's Ebola Story

Steven Hatch
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Michelle H.
Saturday, Oct 14, 2017

We know the media story of the West African Ebola outbreak of 2014, but we don’t know the other story. Author, Dr. Steven Hatch focuses less on the virus itself, which was the subject of Hot Zone by Richard Preston, and instead focuses on stories of daily life under the stress of the epidemic.