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The Book of Two Ways

By Jodi Picoult
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Rated by Heather C
Sep 28, 2020

"After my son Kyle Ferriera van Leer declared his major in Egyptology at Yale in 2010, he mentioned the Book of Two Ways in passing. Without knowing a thing about it, I said, "That's a great title for a novel." It was only after he began to explain what it actually was that I realized what I needed to write about - the construct of time, and love, and life, and death"--Jodi Picoult 

This book had me at Egypt and did not disappoint. 

Dawn Edelstein is a Death Doula, she specializes in helping her clients find peace and comfort in the last days of their life.  Dawn was drawn to this work after


By Michelle Moran
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Rated by Sam S.
Aug 27, 2018

Nefertiti follows the titular character through the eyes of her sister, Mutnodjmet, from their early life through Nefertiti's swift ascent to the throne as one of history’s most powerful women. Headstrong, cunning, and limitlessly ambitious – Nefertiti defies tradition to become Egypt's first female co-regents during one of its most tumultuous and unique periods, with Mutnodjmet as her near-constant, often reluctant companion and advisor. All the while, Mutnodjmet—a  thoughtful, intelligent young woman with a passion for healing and nature—yearns to find her own destiny, away from the courts

Red Land, Black Land

By Barbara Mertz
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Jul 12, 2018

Red Land Black Land is a historical exploration of ancient Egyptian civilizations that discusses religion, rulers, and artifacts, but also focuses on the daily lives and experiences of ancient Egyptians – peasants and pharaohs alike. Some of the topics I found most interesting centered on the smaller details of life, like how people viewed pets, how clothing was made, what foods were popular, and what people did in their spare time. 

Mertz uses a conversational tone for this title, making it feel far from a textbook and much more like an interesting story being told by a friend. It's easy to

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

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Feb 9, 2011

This J level book, The Red Pyramid, is an entertaining read – full of Egyptian Mythology, magic, fighting monsters and demons. Sadie and Carter Kane, siblings, have been living separately: Carter has lived with his dad and Sadie with her mother’s parents. Their father releases an Egyptian god, Set, in a research experiment which leads to his disappearance and a heroic and dangerous journey by Sadie and Carter to rescue their Dad. In the process, Sadie and Carter learn their heritage and their ability to perform Egyptian magic. Many far flung travels and close calls as they work with Uncle Amos