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What Remains Unspoken Writing Contest

By Samara Klein
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Rated by Helen H.
May 15, 2024

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Samara Klein has won our writing contest on the theme What Remains Unspoken with her piece "David and Davey'."

Samara Klein is an attorney who specializes in representing children with disabilities.     

  David and Davey

            Grandpa took me to see Aladdin three times and the Lion King four times. He laughed with me when Aladdin first encountered the Genie and cried when I cried watching Mufasa die in the Lion King. He drove me around in his red Chevrolet Caprice. Dad called Grandpa’s car a jalopy, but proclaimed it was okay as long as

Maggot Moon

By Sally Gardner
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Rated by Bryan V.
Feb 10, 2014

Standish Treadwell stands on the brink of bringing down an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the insidious rulers of the Motherland, an alternate-universe mashup of Stalinist Russia and the Nazi-era Germany. Messing with the Greenflies, as they’re known, means certain death. After all, they imprisoned and tortured his best friend Hector, killed his teacher, and threatened his family. They would certainly do worse to Standish, whose bravery does not go unnoticed by the evil rulers.   However, success means striking the Greenflies where they’re most vulnerable.  Standish’s love for Hector gives him

Spellwright by Blake Charlton

Rated by Jared H.
Aug 13, 2013

In a world where words are literally the most powerful magic around, Nicodemus Weal is at a big disadvantage.  You see, he is a cacographer—a dyslexic mage who cannot write magical words or touch the words of others without drastically changing the desired outcome, often dangerously. Once hailed as the long awaited Halcyon, prophesied to set things right in the world, Nicodemus is lucky if he can keep his disability from killing himself and others.  Haunted by terrible dreams, Nicodemus must fight against an evil that could destroy him and the world.

There is much that I loved about Spellwrig