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Doctor Who: The Forgotten

By Tony Lee
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Oct 10, 2013

I've been a Doctor Who fan since I was a kid (which was kind of a while ago). I love the classic series and I love the current show. A patron pointed me towards a recent Doctor Who graphic novel, The Forgotten. It features the Tenth Doctor (my favorite of the new series) and his companion Martha Jones (who I also love), but with "guest" appearances from all of the preceding Doctors. The Doctor and Martha wake up inside a museum, with no memory of how they got there and no clue as to where the TARDIS is. Things get stranger when they realize the museum is dedicated to the life and adventures of

Jun 5, 2013

I've been a massive fan of the TV show Doctor Who since I was 13. Even at its worst, the show excites me and inspires me like nothing else. Although principally seen as a science fiction show, it's always played a little fast and loose with real science. Or has it?

In The Science of Doctor Who, scientist and journalist Paul Parsons looks at much of the science presented in both the classic and the modern show, giving a basic introduction to contemporary scientific thought on time travel, faster-than-light travel, extraterrestrial life, alternate dimensions, robotics, cybernetics, genetics and