The Shepherd's Crown

By Terry Pratchett
Rated by Rachel C.
Oct 13, 2015

As he does for everyone in the end, Death has come for Granny Weatherwax.  The finest leader the witches never had, indisputably first amongst equals, Granny bequeaths her legacy to young Tiffany Aching.  Tiffany struggles to do the job in front of her when she has to manage her own steading, Granny's steading, train a new apprentice (and never before has a boy wanted to be a witch!), and stop the elven incursion into her world.  Not to mention reining in the Nac Mac Feegle clan.  Crivens!

I gave this four stars for lack of ease for new readers.  Even if you've read all of the Tiffany Achin

Small Gods

By Terry Pratchett
Rated by Josh N.
Feb 7, 2015

Let's say you've heard of this "funny fantasy series" called Discworld by some guy named Terry Pratchett. You've never read any of the books, but you're intrigued. Unfortunately, there are a lot of books in the series and there doesn't seem to be an obvious book to start with. What should you do?

I'll tell you what you should do: read Small Gods. Many of the Discworld novels are tied to one story arc or another, but Small Gods is independent. (The only recurring Discworld character in the book is Death, but you don't need to have read any other Discworld books to be familiar with Death. It

Apr 9, 2011

Pratchett’s first book aimed at young adults in his Discworld series, The Wee Free Men is a witty, sardonic adventure.  Tiffany Aching is a 9 year old girl of the Chalk country who with “First Sight and Second Thoughts” wants to be a witch.  When her little brother, Wentworth, is taken by the Queen of the Elves, Tiffany will get the chance to prove she should be a witch in training.  With the help of the Nac Mac Feegle (the Wee Free Men), tiny red haired fairies who like to drink, steal, and fight, Tiffany bravely ventures into the Queens’ land to find her brother and bring him home.  The