Oct 21, 2021

Noah Ramirez runs a popular blog called “Meet Cute Diary” where he writes stories of loves stories including trans people. These blogs give many trans people hope for love of their own. But there seems to be one problem for Noah: the stories are fake. He tries to keep this under wraps until someone exposes his stories as fiction. He tries to stage a romance with Drew, his friend, but it quickly turns into something real.

I enjoy that Noah is not a perfect character; he is a teenager that experiences a lot of emotions, mostly bad. This book was an easy read and a light hearted story. I like

Aug 1, 2021

The first book in Rachel Renée Russell’s Dork Diaries series, Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life, captures what it’s like to be a tween/young teen girl. Nikki Maxwell must try to fit in at a new, preppy school that she attends on a scholarship. Nikki will have to navigate friends, crushes, and popular enemies, recounting it all in her diary.

While I am definitely older than this book’s target audience, I still found it endearing and entertaining. At first, I thought some aspects of the book and its characters were too dramatic; however, after some reconsideration, I think that the attitudes