courtroom drama

Aug 18, 2021

Twelve Angry Men was a confusing book in my mind. The play was written differently than many others but once I understood how it worked, I loved how these characters fought about everything. There were Twelve Jurors and each of them had a different opinion on the case. After many days of a court proceeding, they were deciding if a boy killed his father. There was much evidence towards guilty but Juror 8 was more of a protagonist and defended this boy. He thought there was a reasonable doubt.

I loved how this book took into consideration how these Jurors would think. I never understood what

The Night Of (DVD)

By Price, Richard
Rated by Edward R.
Oct 25, 2017

I was swept away by this miniseries. Not fully knowing what to expect, the first episode traps you in an engaging story of anxiety and murder. The set-up feels like the first half of The Stranger by Albert Camus. Every detail, small or otherwise, will be taken into account in later episodes that depict the trial of one of the protagonists.

The show is spearheaded by John Turturro who plays criminal court attorney John Stone. Stone can be described as an "ambulance chaser" but clearly has a soft spot for people in general and his family specifically. His struggles with eczema mirror the