Oct 21, 2021

Rebecca Hanover’s sci-fi thriller, The Similars, is the first book in a duology of the same name. In this novel, six clones, the Similars, were made of six socially elite students. The Similars arrive at the exclusive Darkwood Academy, and Emma, a student at Darkwood, doesn’t know who to trust as her friends keep disappearing. To save everyone at Darkwood, especially the Similars, Emma and her friends must push back against the hidden motives that plague the school. This book was fantastic! The plot, the characters, the mystery, it was all thrilling! Emma’s emotions towards Levi as they

Six Wakes

By Mur Lafferty
Rated by Courtney S
Apr 27, 2017

Somewhere far away from earth, six crew members wake aboard a spaceship bound for a new colony. As clones, the crew members are accustomed to waking up in new bodies, usually with their memories intact. This time, though, decades of memories are missing. And worse, someone has murdered the old bodies of the crew members. Without any record of what happened and why, the crew must fight to solve a murder in which they are all prime suspects, even to themselves.

Six Wakes is a locked-room murder mystery that takes place on a generation starship. If that sounds awesome to you, then you will

Sep 25, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the early 2000s TV show, Alias, starring Jennifer Garner. And I’ve been missing it ever since – I mean, what actor since has shown such facility for multiple identities and costume changes? I have found the answer: Tatiana Maslany, the star of Orphan Black. Maslany plays Sarah, a woman thrown into the midst of a bizarre conspiracy, and who, despite battling her own demons, finds herself having to take on the trials and hang-ups of many other characters as well. But in recompense, she is privileged (and sometimes haunted) by the unique answers to “what ifs”

Sep 13, 2010

neverletmego.jpgEngland, the 1990’s, only it’s an alternative universe, where clones are created to become organ donors for the “normal” population. The story is told by Kathy H who is 31. She reflects on her childhood at Hailsham School. It seems similar to a boarding school and is run by “guardians.” Limited information is shared with the students regarding their purpose and future. Kathy discusses her friendships with Ruth and Tommy, and they sound like relationships between kids in any school. After completing school and a period of time at “The Cottages,” students are trained to be “carers”, a case