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Jan 25, 2021

American Born Chinese,​ written by Gene Yang, is a graphic novel about a high school boy, an annoying cousin, and a king who doesn't accept himself. Jin, a high school boy, always struggles with racist stereotypes as he is from Chinese background. He meets a boy, Wei Chen, who is also Chinese, but he is considered a FOB (Fresh off the Boat). Jin first judges him, but sooner than later, they become best friends.

Chin-Kee, the annoying cousin, has a personality based on multiple racial stereotypes. He visits his cousin every year and attends his school for that amount of time. Danny, his

May 25, 2011

Shanghai Girls tells the story of two sisters, Pearl and May. They were known as "beautiful girls", meaning that they posed for artists who used the paintings for "beautiful girl" posters, calendars and various advertisements. The girls lived what was, to them, an enchanted life. Until one day their world was turned upside down by their father informing them that he had arranged marriages for them both. They were to marry brothers who were Chinese but lived in America, specifically, Los Angelos. This was definitely not the future the two forward looking sisters had envisioned for themselves

Mar 30, 2010

shanghaimoon.JPGLisa See returns to her Lydia Chin/Bill Smith mystery series with The Shanghai Moon. It has been so long since the last Chin/Smith mystery that I have forgotten what exactly happened between these two characters. No matter - it is alluded to briefly in the beginning of the book, but then things pick up the pace and we get back on track solving mysteries. I really enjoy reading these books because I really like the main characters. Well, mostly Lydia. I love reading about her life going back and forth between Chinese culture and American culture. I like getting an inside peek at her apartment

Jan 26, 2009

Despite setbacks of his own making, Ralph Chang is ultimately successful in achieving his goal of a PhD in engineering. He marries Helen, a woman his family would have approved of, and despite some odd ideas about love and marriage, starts a family. He, Helen, and his sister Theresa all live quite happily, surrounded by "typical Americans". Until American-born Chinese Grover enters the picture. With Grover comes prosperity and happy times, but also imbalance and confusion. As the lives of Ralph and his family become inter-twined with Grover’s, they become more and more like “typical Americans”