behavioral therapy

Sep 26, 2014

Dr. Wes Crenshaw is very straightforward when talking about the difficulties of living with ADD/ADHD and how to manage the disorder and be successful at work, school, and in relationships.  With the use of thirteen principles to live by Dr. Wes coaches individuals into successful living and helps their parents, teachers, friends and partners to understand why those individuals do the things they do and how best to help them.  The principles include the following: learn to be where you're at right now, make mindful decisions, make the right choice not the easy one, small decisions matter, don't

Mar 23, 2011

Van Gelder begins her fast-paced memoir at an art camp when she’s fifteen. She has deluded herself into believing a boy she’s known for two weeks is her boyfriend. After they engage in what President Clinton evidently doesn’t consider sex, pseudo-boyfriend confesses that he has a real girlfriend back home. Van Gelder responds by dismantling a disposable razor blade, cutting her arms, and using her blood to finger paint a note to him reading, “Please. Don’t leave me. I need you.” The next 178 pages detail her rollercoaster life of pain as she struggles through many mental health