By Scott Novosel
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Feb 2, 2016

At first glance, Fieldhouse, by Scott Novosel appears to be a basketball story. And it is a story about basketball. After three tryouts as a walk-on player with the Kansas Jayhawks, Novosel finally succeeds in his senior year. He plays fifteen games for Coach Roy Williams and alongside future NBA players.

It’s also more than a basketball story. It’s an underdog story. In the three years prior to Novosel making the team, no walk-on had been selected. His perseverance and dogged pursuit of his dream actually pays off.

But even more than a basketball story, and an underdog story, it’s really

Mar 8, 2011

While I’m a little late to the game in reading Pausch’s The Last Lecture, I’m glad I finally got there. Pausch gave his last lecture at Carnegie Mellon, where he was a computer science professor. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, undergone unsuccessful chemotherapy treatment, and was getting his family settled and ready for life without him when the opportunity to give one last lecture presented itself.

He utilized the lecture to record the important moments in his life for his children. Pausch is unique in that he achieved many of his childhood dreams and he explains how during the

A Complaint-Free World by Will Bowen

Rated by Jennifer W.M.
Jul 23, 2010

A Complaint-Fee WorldA Complaint-Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen
Local Kansas City pastor, Will Bowen, has turned the world onto the crazy idea of discovering how to stop complaining! This title will remind you that you are what you think, that your health is really tied to your attitude, and that nothing is as bad as you think. The book is full of stories about people who have embarked on this journey, how it has changed their lives, and just how long it took them to achieve their goal - to stop complaining. The book has tools, tips, and tricks to