abraham lincoln

Lincoln in the Bardo

By George Saunders
Rated by Chris K.
Oct 24, 2018

Strange, fascinating, moving, disturbing, challenging, poignant, and human. Oh, so very human.

Lincoln in the Bardo is a book that delves deep into the human condition and the particular human penchant for storytelling. It presents a myriad cast of characters, each obsessed with telling his or her own story to others. And to living it out, over and over. They are stuck in their stories. Limited by them. Blinded by them. Stories of regret, sorrow, and unfinished lives. Unhappy stories.

For the characters are ghosts. Or spirits or phantoms or souls or what you will. Trapped in a limbo of

Sep 26, 2010

teamofrivals.jpgThis biography of Lincoln the covers the start of his quest for the presidency until his assassination, chronicles his relationship with the men who made up his Cabinet. Most of these politicians ran against him during the 1960 Republican Convention. Lincoln recognized that all were able men and patriots who would benefit his administration during the most challenging point in the nation’s short history. Goodwin’s expertise as an historian and a writer are clear in this well-researched work. The reader glimpses the thoughts and emotions of Seward, Stanton, Chase and others as they work with

Jul 29, 2010

index1.jpgHaving read Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and enjoyed it tremendously, I was looking forward to his next book. When I first started Abraham Lincoln I found it a little off-putting because Pride had followed Austin’s book and Abraham Lincoln was not based on a book about Abraham Lincoln. As I moved through the book, I found myself drawn into Abe’s life. The author claims to have found Lincoln’s diaries detailing his fight against vampires. It seems Lincoln’s mother died after being bitten by a vampire and he spent his life fighting and killing vampires. He claims that the