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The End of Everything

Megan Abbott
Rated by
Cheryl M.
Monday, Feb 29, 2016

The End of Everything by Megan Abbott is a haunting coming-of-age story, ripe with teenage angst and suburban mystery.

Book cover of stacked mobile homes with the title Ready Player One.

Ready Player One

Ernest Cline
Rated by
Nancy D.M.
Friday, Jul 3, 2015

I used to read dystopian novels regularly believing they gave insight into the problems of our current world as well as hints of a difficult future if we didn’t pay attention. Ready Player One also fills this role but makes it all so much more fun than the average tale of dystopian hardships. Ernest Cline’s novel is set in a dismal future that has turned the global population toward a virtual computer-generated OASIS to escape the filth, crowding and poverty of reality.

Ready Player One

Ernest Cline
Rated by
Debbie L.
Monday, Aug 4, 2014

The year: 2044. Wade Watts is among the millions across the globe searching for an Easter egg hidden within a massive multiplayer online game known as the OASIS. The game's deceased creator has left 240 billion dollars to be awarded to the first person who can find it. Players must have an extensive knowledge of 80s pop culture to have a chance at winning. Wade competes against opponents willing to kill in order to obtain the lucrative prize.