Summer 2021 Youth Writing Contest Winner: "The Tree Unicorn"

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Sylvie G.
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Sep 17, 2021

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Sylvie G.. has won first place in the 8 and under age group for the Summer 2021 Youth Writing Contest with her piece "The Tree Unicorn."

First thank you so much for choosing me as a winner. I am so happy right now. I've been writing since about halfway into 1st grade and I'm currently writing a book called Animal City. I want to say if I did not watch My Little Pony I wouldn’t have written this story because that is my inspiration. I have always liked mythical things like unicorns and alicorns. Just ponies are amazing too. My author influence is my sister because she also won this contest with her book she wrote called Muses. My fun fact is that my sister and I are super fast readers.

Oh hi! My name is Flower. I’m a unicorn and this is how I became famous. One spring day I saw a strange unicorn. She had a dress with stripes on it and her horn looked like wood. Then she saw me. She got me to go away by splitting a tree in two with her magic. The next day I told my mom about it. I went back to where I saw the strange unicorn. This time my mom came with me. I saw the strange unicorn again but the unicorn looked scared. Then suddenly a tree wolf appeared! My mom and I were really scared. Tree wolves usually eat unicorns! The strange unicorn saw how scared we were. She didn’t want to scare us. She just wanted us to go away. The next day the strange unicorn went to my house. She told us, “My name is Willow. The wolf you saw was my dog Juniper.'' Willow said, “I was going to the alicorns, the lavacorns, and the seahorses. I was sent by the tree unicorns. I need to warn everyone of the evil fire-breathing snakes and also I need to find the magical stones of power to beat the snakes. The problem is they’re scattered across the world.”

Once we made a plan the snakes were already taking over the world. They had already taken everything from the alicorns. Now that we made a plan we were going to put it into action! First, Willow and I went to the seahorses because we knew the snakes wouldn’t go there next because they couldn’t use fire to destroy their home. So we went to the seahorses' kingdom to warn them and ask them for their stone. But, we found a giant water snake on top of it! The queen of the seahorses said, “Yes, I will give you the stone but only if you go get something I left in the palace. It is my wand. I use it to defeat things like these snakes.” So we continued to the palace and got the wand. We gave it to the seahorse queen and she used it to defeat the water snake.

So then we went to the alicorns only to find their kingdom in ruins too! It took a while but we found a secret bunker that all the alicorns were hiding in. Then, we asked them for their stone. The queen said, “Only if you complete a task for me, Flower and Willow.”

“What do you need us to do?” I said.

“My dog Twilight is locked up in the palace. One of the snakes took it over. If you go rescue her I will help you as much as I can,” the alicorn queen said.

“How hard could rescuing a puppy be even?” I said. So Willow and I went to rescue Twilight but we did NOT know what we were getting ourselves into. When we arrived at the palace we saw the giant snake napping on top of it! We finally found the door but it was locked. We figured out it was a puzzle and we cracked it. Then we saw her dog. We were SO SO SURPRISED! Turns out her dog had three heads and razor sharp teeth! We were scared of it but it was also really cute because it was just a puppy. At first it was scary but it was actually really nice. It came with us and we gave it to the queen so she gave us the stone.

We continued to the last and final kingdom. The lavacorn queen said “Flower and Willow, I have something that might help. 100 million years ago there were snakes just like this. The first lavacorns sealed them away with this spell. If you say it while you’re near them it will also reverse all the damage they’ve done to the world.” I was worried about the spell though, and I told Willow why I looked worried. I couldn’t decide what to do, and almost destroyed the world. I will go back in time and let you choose for me.


Go to page 3 to find out what happens if you use the lavacorn spell to beat the snakes OR go to page 4 to find out what happens if you try using your own spell.


THE ENDING IS UP 2 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we continued on to the snakes’ lair and cast the spell, “SNAKES, SNAKES, YOU ARE DUMB SO I THINK YOU SHOULD BE DONE!” Then with a blink all the damage and snakes were gone. But there wasn’t any magic in the world anymore! We asked the queens for advice. They all said, “There is a magical gem in Alicorn Mountain. We all put a fourth of our power in it. We discovered a VERY old legend that only the lavacorn queen knew.

Because she was the first queen, the lavacorns were the first type of unicorn that evolved. We knew this would happen again. The legend said it would, so we used the magic rock in Unicorn Mountain, the lavastone from Lavacorn Lair, and we put an enchantment with the water from Seahorse Sandcastle on the wand that the seahorse queen gave you and on the box that holds the scroll with the spell the lavacorn queen gave you. My kingdom is made out of that material and the gem is made out of that material.” Then Willow and I got the gem and used it to restore the magic to the world.


The other ending is EVEN BETTER! Choose the other one and read it so the sequel makes sense please.

Willow and I went to the snakes and used a spell of our own to make them cute tiny snakes. Then we made them our pets. We got medals for taming them. Then, we earned an even better reward. The three queens created an amulet that let me, Flower, be a princess. It’s the greatest reward you could hope for. I even got a kingdom because the queens found a place that was a kingdom that needed a princess! It was amazing! It was called the crystal kingdom. As princess of the crystal kingdom it was lonely, but all of my friends came to visit. It was fun being in charge of the kingdom.

The end. Or is it?.....................



Reviewed by Heather M
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