Summer 2021 Youth Writing Contest Winner: "The Lost Princess"

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Sangshita P.
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Sep 17, 2021

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Sangshita P.. has won third place in the 8 and under age group for the Summer 2021 Youth Writing Contest with her piece "The Lost Princess." 

Hi I'm Sangshita. Well, everyone calls me Moonmoon. I'm seven and this fall I will be in second grade. 
I have a duck puppet and I created a story about it. I used to tell stories to my best friend and she said I could write them. 
Then I started to write. The first story I wrote was a fantasy one. 
I love reading books by Dr Seuss. 
A fun fact about me is I'm really really scared of bugs but I'm not afraid of snakes or worms. 

The elf princes looked around. She had washed up on a street.  

I’m probably in that other kingdom, she said. Her kitten, who had never wanted to explore the pipes they found in the Elven forest, purred. the princess looked for the pipes, but they weren’t there. She climbed up a brick wall to see if the pipes were behind it. but they weren’t. she saw a black body come down the wall. It was a spider. The princess started climbing down the wall. She held the loose bricks tightly. The spider struggled to keep its legs on the lose bricks until it fell onto the side walk. 

The princess hid behind her pet cat Ginger. A boy came down the side walk. She clung to his clothes. The boy entered another set of brick walls. Oh no!! thought the princess. She had left her pet behind and may be even her chance to go back to the Elven forest. It wasn’t a long time before the boy saw her. Are you a fairy? Asked the boy. No, she said. I’m an elf! But I’m lost. I should be in the magical Elven forest. I can take you there, said the boy. You can?’ asked the princess. Yes, replied the boy.  

The boy went to the door and dropped her outside. She walked toward the forest. The boy grabbed his camera and appeared through the door, I’m back! Said the boy. He picked up the princess and carried her towards the edge of the forest. He took a picture of the elf and he put her near a giant river. The river had a mermaid statue in its middle.  

A mermaid popped her head through the water. She looked at the princess carefully. Are you a lost elf? asked the mermaid. Yes! The princess said. I can lead you back home, said the mermaid. Thank you! said the princess.  

The mermaid led the princess to a group of trees and behind the trees was the Elven Village. The princess’s pet cat Ginger was waiting for her. But so were the old pipes that led to the sewers. This time the princess promised herself that she would never again go near them. 


The End.   

Reviewed by Heather M
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