The Story of Film: An Odyssey

Mark Cousins
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Nov 5, 2017

The Story of Film is loaded with movie clips from all over the world, beginning at the first moment pictures moved and ending in the early 2000s. Director Mark Cousins invites us to consider how each of the films he mentions contribute to the language of movie-making. He’s a deep thinker who speaks clearly – a rare combination.    

Cousins is especially skilled at recognizing when one film begets another. The process of inspiration being a wonder to watch as Cousins lines up scenes to show us how filmmakers are receptive to the current of influence.  If you like film, particularly independent film, there is no one offering what Cousins offers. The Story of Film is a beautiful and poignant love letter to film and an eye-opener for anyone who thinks she knows a thing or two about movies.  

Written by Michelle H.

I once knew someone who held the world record for leaning the farthest forward with her feet flat on the floor.