Storm Front (The Dresden Files, 1) by Jim Butcher

Apr 12, 2011

Despite being the only wizard in the phone book, Harry Dresden still hurts for business. The occasional consult for Karrin Murphy of Chicago Special Investigations doesn’t quite pay the bills. So when Harry gets a missing husband call he takes the job, even though it’s not his specialty. Simultaneously, Karrin calls him in to look at two bodies that have fallen victim to black magic which even Harry doesn’t understand.

Additionally, Harry’s warden Morgan believes Harry is actually responsible for the killings and has called The White Council to hear his case. Trial starts Monday. Oh yea, and an aggressive and extremely attractive reporter accidentally drinks a love potion and puts the moves on Harry while he’s barely fending off a slobbering demon.

With a contemporary setting and dialog, sarcastic humor and whirlwind pace Storm Front will appeal to both teens and adults who enjoy their horror and humor perfectly blended.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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