Still Missing

Chevy Stevens
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Jun 16, 2015

Annie O’Sullivan is a realtor heading out to show a house one summer afternoon. Near the close of the open house, Annie is abducted by a potential client, a stranger who drugs and transports her to a remote mountain cabin on Vancouver Island where he repeatedly beats, rapes, and terrorizes her. As the days and nights of her captivity begin to blur together, Annie is forced to conform to the whims of a psychopath, "The Freak,” and to sacrifice parts of herself in an effort to survive. When she resurfaces a year later, it is as a shell of the person she used to be.

Annie’s story unravels in a series of sessions with her psychiatrist, each of which finds her recounting her struggles, both to endure her abductor’s brutality and to regain a semblance of normalcy. Still Missing moves with the thrill of the very best page-turners, with an ending you just do not see coming. Just when you think the drama is over, Stevens finds a way to ramp it up again. I really enjoyed this author’s debut novel.

Reviewed by Colleen O.
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