Stardust (DVD)

Jan 14, 2013

Stardust, is a movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, Stardust. It is a magical tale of a small town that borders a land of fantasy, where by the simple act of crossing a stone barrier, one can jump between the worlds.

In this story, a young man promises to retrieve a “fallen star” for the girl he fancies. But once he sets out on his journey to retrieve the “star”, he instead finds a beautiful lady who fell from the sky when the king of Stormhold threw his ruby into the land below, decreeing that the first of his sons to retrieve it will become the next king. While his first meeting with the “fallen star” is painfully awkward, their adventure together back to the girl he fancies is full of twists, and turns, magical creatures, and ultimately- love.

While I knew nothing of the movie prior to watching it, I knew immediately that it was an adaptation of a book. There simply were too many jumps and implications of knowledge that in “book format” would have been divulged in a fluid progression. This created a sense that there was too much going on, and parts flew by rapidly, that otherwise would have been discussed and viewed at length.

Other than these quick scenes that happened sporadically, the movie was enjoyable and quite intriguing. The plot was filled with magical possibilities, and the budding romance was cute and uplifting. Overall, it was a fun film, and is a must-see for any Neil Gaiman fans.


Written by Leslie G.