St. Agnes’ Stand by Tom Eidson

Apr 29, 2010

Nat Swanson didn't expect his flight from Texas to California to be easy, not with the friends of the man he recently killed (in self-defense) on his trail. He certainly wasn't expecting, in the middle of the desert, to find three nuns and seven orphans holed up and surrounded by Apaches (who have already brutally murdered a nun), and then to be regarded as their savior.
Nat struggles between his conscience and his desire to escape alone, all the while devising a daring plan to get them all to safety.
With the gripping intensity of their plight and with a cast of memorable characters, including Sister St. Agnes, an indomitable nun who plays poker and smokes, and Nat, a loner who has responsibility and faith thrust upon him, St. Agnes' Stand is a Western to recommend, even to those who don't usually read them.

Written by Library Staff