Spooky Story Youth Contest Winner, Age 12-14: "Home"

Spooky Story Winner
Shirley W.
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Nov 6, 2023

A sigh left my lips as I kicked my feet softly against the sand. My chest constricted slightly at the sound of the waves crashing into the earth-thinking it was something else. 

I’ve always been paranoid about that type of stuff, always thinking a murderer will come out of nowhere and slaughter me. It’s very unlikely to happen obviously, I don’t know why it’s such a big fear. 

I finally felt the wet sand sink beneath me and stopped walking, standing there as I felt the ocean slip through my toes. It burned the tiny cuts on my feet slightly, at this point though I didn’t care. 

I took in a deep breath smelling the salty water and it instantly eased my fears. I looked around at the eerie water-dark shadows passing through the waves. 

The moon shone with a fresh purpose-to guide the creatures back home. Its brightest light landed on one spot, and that spot was home. 

My pale dress curled around my ankles, getting damp from the spraying water. 

I stood there and waited, as I do every night, to be taken home. To be taken to a happy home. 

My eyes are fixed on the bright light called home. I tried to swim out there once-the waves just pulled me back to shore. 

I take a deep breath, pain entering my chest at the thought of not being able to go home. 

“Why-oh why-can't I go home?” My voice cuts through the waves, quick and sharp. The next thing I know the wind grows stronger and I have to push my arms out to keep my balance. 

My brown hair whips around my pale skin flying in front of my striking blue eyes, obstructing my vision. 

Then, it’s gone. Everything. Home is gone. The waves still crash against my feet but within the frenzy of wind it’s like the moon disappeared. 

I look up to the sky, searching for the stars and the moon but there’s nothing, everything is pitch black. I can’t see-but I can feel. 

I’m suddenly very aware of how the waves wrap around my legs, almost like tentacles. Panic takes over me, I don’t want to go home anymore. 

I try to move and get far away from the water but the waves tighten around me. I fall harshly to the ground smashing straight into the sand. I can feel the blood already coming out of my nose. 


I freeze, a shiver running down my spine at the voice. Who’s there? I want to ask. How do you know my name? I want to shout, I’m afraid however, I’ll choke on my own blood if I do. 

I found I’ve made a grave mistake when I froze though, because now, the waves are pulling me. They’re pulling me to the depths of the water. 

“Emma!” The voice is in time with the crashing of the waves. 

Fear and panic is taking over me, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe! 

My hands sink into the sand, my fingers already aching from trying to hold tight. The waves give a large yank and I fight back, I don’t budge. 

I continue to hold onto the sand as the waves tighten around my legs making it feel like they’re going to fall off. I then feel water soaking up to my torso and soon the tentacles are wrapped around my entire body. 

I watch in horror as the water slides up my arms leaving horrible red marks as it goes. That’s when I feel the burn of the water. That’s when I scream. 

Blood gets into my mouth as I scream, I don’t care, someone has to hear me, someone has to save me. 

The water slips around my fingers making my grip on the sand slip. I scramble to grab hold of more when the water gives one more large yank… 

Pain is all I feel as I’m underneath the water. I open my eyes one last time to see the moon shining bright in the water. 

Home. I’m home. 

My last wish before the waves take me. Is that nobody ever wishes to go home again. 



Credits to Ava Conklin for naming Emma.

Reviewed by Heather M
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