Spooky Story Youth Contest Winner, Age 11 and Under: "Not Very Happy Halloween"

Spooky Story Winner
Brody B.
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Nov 6, 2023

Not Very Happy Halloween!

       Alone, scared, and injured, 7-year-old, Jane is one of the only humans still alive.  She whimpers as the zombies moan around her.  “Help us, help me”, they shriek.  The tombstones erupt with hands and heads.  Jane runs franticly to an abandoned cabin.  “Help us”!  She slams the door, bad idea.  Suddenly she’s in total darkness, she’s trapped herself with nowhere to run.  She hears them clawing at the door. “Help us”, they moan!  Then it all stops, the silence is eerie.  Out of nowhere a girl drifts through the wall, blood stains on her face and ghostly clothes.  Jane can’t move as the ghost destroys her essence. Miles away, Bruno hears the screams, he shivers.  “When will this nightmare end”, he wonders aloud.  He stumbles on a root; he doesn’t even feel it.  He’s used to pain by now, after getting mauled by a skeletal spirit, and being bitten by a giant tarantula.  Suddenly, he’s immersed in darkness and glowing eyes and fangs appear in his peripheral vision.  Bruno thought he knew pain as the thing sinks its fangs into his neck.  His vision quickly went dark.  Ethel hears a noise nearby; she holds her breath.  Her weak knees give way as a ghoul leaps onto her and clings on with sharp claws.  When she wakes up, she’s tied to a stone slab.  Suddenly pain flares in her legs as fire consumes her body.  All she can hear is herself screaming as zombies gouge divots into her flesh. 


Reviewed by Heather M
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