The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

May 3, 2013

Do you enjoy considering the possibilities?  With this book, set in the near future, the author, a parent of a child with autism, addresses the question “What is normal?”  What happens to those who aren’t “normal”?  It is a powerful and thought-provoking book which raises a lot of questions and provides insight into society and how we treat those who don’t meet society’s definition of “normal” and this future world’s solution.  The main character, Lou, a young man in his 30s with autism, must decide if he wants to participate in an experimental treatment that may cure his autism.  Lou introduces us to his life and how he sees his autism vs. how others view him and the soul-searching journey he takes to come to his ultimate conclusion.

Written by Lisa J.

I have been a Kindergarten room mom for over 25 years.