Speaking with the Angel: Original Stories edited by Nick Hornby

Jun 24, 2009

Dedicated to editor Hornby's son Danny, $2 of the cover price of this collection will be donated to Treehouse, a school for autistic children. Hornby’s explanation of why this collection came about in the introduction is in itself a heart-felt piece of writing. And then he's topped it with NippleJesus, a story about a nightclub bouncer turned art gallery security guard and his reactions to a controversial work called NippleJesus.

My other favorite was PMQ by Robert Harris whereby the Prime Minister is making a statement to the House regarding the incidents of the previous evening. Helen Fielding, Melissa Bank and Roddy Doyle, among others make thoughtful appearances here as well. The most fun, however, was trying to figure out, in Colin Firth’s The Department of Nothing, if being "the pants" was a good thing or bad. As in, "he hated me because I was the pants at football."

Reviewed by Helen H.
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