Small Wars

Lee Child
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Oct 29, 2015

In this ebook exclusive, we go back to Georgia in 1989. An officer is shot on a deserted road, and while local police have a suspect in custody, MP Jack Reacher is assigned the case. Newly assigned to his post the same day, this case will be a test for Reacher. The murdered officer, Army Lt. Colonel Caroline Crawford, is an up-and-coming young woman, a hotshot in military circles. Reacher wonders how he'll accomplish anything with the staff he's tasked to oversee, so he calls in Frances Neagley to assist his investigation. Reacher and Neagley will have to work with local Georgia police, the military, uncooperative weather, and pressures from the military, to bring about a quick resolution. As usual, Reacher puts his superior sleuthing skills and inspired imagination to use in tracking events leading to Crawford's death. 

While readers know from page 1 who the killer is,  my enjoyment comes from watching Reacher come to that realization, and seeing how he handles it. I'm always a fan of these stories that go back to Reacher's army days, and find that I also rather enjoy any that include Frances Neagley. While Jack Reacher isn't exactly secretive, he's not that forthcoming either. So reading these books that go back to his past give a certain thrill - like looking into someone's diary and learning something new about them.

Reviewed by Hilary S.
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