Silver Silence

Shadow images of a male and female facing each other with a landscape image visible behind and through them.
Nalini Singh
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Jun 21, 2022

Brilliant psychic ice queen meets gregarious and equally brilliant changeling Alpha bear and hijinks ensue!  Author Nalini Singh returns to her popular psy-changeling world with this first in a new sub-series. It is a great jumping in point for for fans of paranormal romance/adventure who are not familiar with her work. Full of complex characters, over-the-top heroics, humor and unexpected warmth; this author just keeps me coming back for more and this may be the best book yet!

Yes, Silver Silence is a paranormal romance/adventure but also so much more! The main characters and all their friends and relatives are so well developed you will feel like you know them. You will laugh with them and cry with them and when the book is done, you'll anxiously await the next book in the series so you can get a glimpse of them again. It's like the very best family reunion except in addition to all the expected drama, this one also includes threats to world peace, assassination attempts, shapeshifters politics, medical miracles, psychic ice queens, and gorgeous alpha bears!

Reviewed by Michelle H
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