Silent Child

Sarah A. Denzil
Dec 27, 2017

Aiden was six when he went missing during a bad rainstorm which flooded the banks of the river that runs through their village. His family and police believed he had been swept away by the river and drowned, having only found his jacket floating in the river and no body. Ten years later his mom is married and in her last month of pregnancy when she gets the incredible news that Aiden is alive. Told from the viewpoint of Aiden's mom, Emma, the Silent Child is a psychological thriller that will engulf you in the chaos of Emma's intense emotions as she tries to figure out who took Aiden.

What complicates Aiden's return is that he will not speak to anyone and rarely shows any sort of emotion. He is obviously traumatized and shows signs of long-term abuse. His return also brings Aiden's dad, Rob, and his parents back into the picture. Add to the mix Jake, Emma's doting, perfectionist new husband, and a village full of characters Emma has grown up with and this novel ends up being full of twists and turns. Silent Child is great for anyone interested in quick-paced, psychological thrillers.


Reviewed by Library Staff