Shape Up with the Slow Fat Triathlete: 50 Ways to Kick Butt on the Field, or at the Gym – No Matter What Your Size

Jayne Williams
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Sep 16, 2009

Although Williams is primarily a triathlete, her book is really for anyone looking for inspiration on their journey to fitness. According to her, this book is for “real people with jobs and kids and love handles”. As a plus-sized athlete, she advocates concepts like abandoning self-consciousness, being slow, embracing bodily fluids, and becoming an active wear advocate. She asks her readers to examine their motivations for losing weight and to change their focus to being fit.

In Chapter 44, titled “Be a Pit Bull”, Williams says “You’ve got your jaws clamped on to the pants leg of your dreams, but you get shaken around, tossed and buffeted by life. You have setbacks, you have bad weather, you have injuries. You want to quit. You want to lie on the couch. You want to let go. But as a pit bull, you don’t let go. Ever.” Williams freely admits that she is “a large woman; sometimes very large, sometimes just pretty large”, making this book different from many other health and fitness books. Her parting words implore her readers to “pick one small thing [she] talks about in these pages, and do [her] a favor. Go out and do it tomorrow.” Do me a favor too. Read this book, then pick one thing Williams talks about. And go out and do it tomorrow.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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