Shadow Catcher

James R. Hannibal
Oct 7, 2014

James R. Hannibal’s novel titled Shadow Catcher reads like a Clancy thriller.

Nick Baron is an Air Force Major in charge of a failed B-2 stealth bomber mission that lands the fighter jet at the bottom of the Persian Gulf. Nick leads his Triple Chase team to find and dispose of the lost bomber before the enemy can get their hands on it.

Danger lurks around the corner as a US soldier sends a distress signal from the deep interior region of China, another far off country.  The only plane that can handle this mission is the Shadow Catcher, a highly-equipped, state of the art fighter plane.

This action packed plot thickens as readers come to understand that, unbeknownst to Baron, the enemy is actually operating from the inside. If you like military and fast-moving action with suspense Shadow Catcher will fit the bill.


Reviewed by Library Staff