The Serialist

David Gordon
Aug 25, 2015

David Gordon gives us a new twist on the serial killer novel and it’s a welcome addition. The Serialist is his first novel and was nominated for the 2011 Edgar Mystery Award.

Serial killer Darian Clay hires Harry Bloch to visit the women who send him letters and write stories about them. In exchange, Clay promises the inside story on the women he has killed (like where their heads are), guaranteeing a bestseller.

Bloch is presented as an intelligent but inept writer, and as the novel progresses the reader sees him grow into the role that is thrust upon him. Some of the gore might be off-putting to some readers, and can be skipped. But at the end, the reader sees the reason for it. I enjoyed the plotting and humor, as well at Gordon’s insights and observations into the life of the writer.

Reviewed by Library Staff