The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Mar 30, 2013

This sometimes drawn-out tale revolves around the life of Dorothy Nicolson and her family.  It moves between present day, 1959 and 1942.  Chapter headings help the reader keep track of the time frame.  Dorothy is dying and her daughter, Laurel, wants to learn the reason for a murder she saw her mother commit in 1959.  She tries to talk with her mother who lapses in and out of reality.  Laurel searches diaries and other accounts of people she believes to be involved in her mother’s life before her marriage.  Much of what she learns takes place in 1942 London during the Blitz.  The first half of The Secret Keeper drags and seems to have no heading or purpose.  Midway into the story, the reader’s interest is kindled by possible connections and intrigue that lead to a solution.  Readers who enjoy books about World War II and don’t mind following a somewhat convoluted path to a conclusion will enjoy this examination of some of the detail involved in the mores and culture of Britain in the 40’s.

Reviewed by Jed D.
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