Sea Swept

Nora Roberts
Mar 9, 2015

Sea Swept is vintage Nora Roberts. Told from the male perspective, this is the first in The Chesapeake Bay series. Three adult brothers are called home by a dying father’s wish, and they must band together to take care of Ray Quinn’s youngest “lost boy.” The Quinn brothers are not bound by blood but are indisputably family. Each boy had been saved by Ray and Stella Quinn in their teens. Now that their parents are gone, Ethan, Phillip and especially Cameron must convince Seth’s sexy social worker that they can provide a stable, nurturing home.

Is it realistic? No, it’s romance. The characters are well-written if a bit cliché. Both Anna and Cam are hot-blooded, passionate people. It is Cameron’s shift from jet-setting boat racer to devoted caretaker that stirs Anna’s heart. The romance between them actually seems secondary to the burgeoning bond between Seth and his brothers and it is that continuing story that will bring the reader back for more.

Reviewed by Library Staff