The Ruins

Scott Smith
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Mar 26, 2015

Scott Smith’s The Ruins is a calm and harmless enough story at the beginning. Four kids, just out of college, take a trip to Mexico to do nothing more than lounge on the beach and drink tequila. Shortly after arriving they make some new friends and decide to tag along with them on a day trip to the Mayan ruins. Their new friends are searching for a guy who went to the ruins the previous day, but never returned. Armed with not much more than youthful defiance and a sense of adventure, the group heads out, ignoring numerous warning signs to stay away.

As you can guess, they are anything but welcome in the small Mayan village they seek. Held hostage by the most interesting and horrific means, their struggle to escape is unforgettable and I can't remember the last time I read a book so creepy and unnerving. The Ruins is a thrill ride meant to terrify and entertain with a similar vibe to some Stephen King and Dean Koontz titles. 

Reviewed by Catherine G.
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