Royal Upstairs Downstairs: a Glimpse into the World of Stately Homes and Castles (DVD)

Nov 9, 2012

PBS’s Downton Abbey and history enthusiasts, as well as British royal watchers will be excited about this British television documentary series of 20, thirty minute episodes featuring all stately houses and castles which Queen Victoria visited throughout her life.  The hosts are British antiques expert Tim Wonnacott, who shows all the “upstairs” historical quarters, and chef Rosemary Shrager, who shared the “downstairs” kitchens with food historian Ivan Day.  Together they explore the legacy of each royal stay, prepare a meal that Queen Victoria ate during her visit, while using authentic recipes and cooking utensils and historically accurate methods of preparation. At times the meals are traced back via detailed accounting books of food purchases made for the honored royal visit. Some of the most gorgeous and historically significant English houses are presented on this grand tour, and the passages are read from Queen Victoria’s diaries commemorating her visit.  

Reviewed by Library Staff