Ross Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, 1783-1787

Winston Graham
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Oct 23, 2017

Originally released in 1945, Ross Poldark is the first of a twelve-part series that explores the Cornwall of a couple hundred years earlier. The story follows Ross Poldark, a man recently returned home from America after the Revolutionary War to find the life he was expecting unrecognizable. Ross does what he can with his current options and begins laboring to bring his land and home back to their previous conditions. Ross encounters Demelza, a girl with a troubled background, and offers her a place in his home as a kitchen maid. Demelza agrees, but only if she can bring her dog (my kind of girl). For the next few years Ross works to open a mine, navigate family drama, and create a better life for himself.

I really enjoyed this novel, mostly because I love Demelza, who is a wonderfully headstrong and resourceful female character. Though she comes from a lower class background with little education, she doesn't let that stop her from absorbing everything in the Poldark library. If you like books that feature a little bit of everything - family drama, romance, suspense - I highly recommend checking this out. You might also consider checking out the miniseries that have been produced: 1970s Poldark and 2015 Poldark. I watched a bit of the 2015 version and can say it follows the book fairly closely. If you've already watched one of the miniseries, try the book: you get insight on the character's inner thoughts, which television and film never quite seem to capture.








Reviewed by Rachel N.
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