The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Aug 27, 2012

An unnamed man walks with his son through a post-apocalyptic landscape looking for food and shelter, haunted by memories of life before the cataclysm. The man protects his child from a world that incrementally comes into focus as the evil surrounding them begins first as sparse suggestions of danger and turns later into harrowing descriptions of violence. This is a carefully told story in which love and brutality, beauty and horror exist together among people who have only one important choice to make—to be on the side of good. Expect to read a tale so captivating that you’ll experience the apocalyptic landscape as author Cormac McCarthy spins it before you, and expect also to be gripped by the hopes and sorrows of two beautiful people traveling through a world of waste. The Road is an unforgettable book.

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Reviewed by Michelle H.
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