The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey by Candice Millard

Sep 22, 2010

river-of-doubt.jpgEveryone deals with loss in different ways.  TR, not prone to idle reflection, chose exploring an uncharted, untamed, Amazonian river after his resounding defeat for a third term as president.  The River of Doubt published in 2005 by local resident and author, Candice Millard, tells the story of Roosevelt's 1913 journey along the the river that now bears his name, The Rio Roosevelt.

This  adventure story is remarkable for numerous reasons. It reveals  the  unique personailities of the individuals  who led the expedition.  Additionally, Ms Millard vividly describes the lush terrain, elusive fauna and native inhabitants of the rain forest.  Luckily for us Ms. Millard decided to tell this overlooked and under told story.

This well documented and researched book appeals  to the layman as well as the academic.  This nonfiction narrative reads like fiction and leaves the reader in awe.  These early twentieth century explorers endured unbelievable hardships, yet wrote daily, eloquent accounts of their expedition.  The audio version is also  well done.

Written by Pam W.