Resident Evil 2

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Oct 31, 2019

Originally released in 1998, Resident Evil 2 quickly became a favorite among horror game fans and critics alike. This 2019 remake recreates the unique magic of the original while creating new conveniences and additional content for a new generation. The game is bigger, sleeker, and more frightening than ever. Play as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield as they navigate the zombie infested Raccoon City and try to find the source of the outbreak.

This game is a complete remake of the original – not purely a graphical update – so settings, audio, mechanics, and controls have all been updated to suit a modern system without losing the elements that made the original game so great. From the initial solitary highway gas station to the gleaming but abandoned Raccoon City Police Department, the settings are compelling and eerie. It does not rely heavily on gore or jump scares to frighten you. Instead, it's slow and methodical, using anticipation and a persistent sense of dread to keep you anxious. Overall, a great classic horror game, whether you're an old fan or new. 

Reviewed by Sam S.
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