Raven Girl

Audrey Niffenegger
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Jun 8, 2017

Raven Girl is the story of a girl-raven child produced by a lonely postman and the raven he fell in love with. It's a uniquely illustrated, dark, short novel—similar to Niffenegger's The Three Incestuous Sisters. The story opens with a postman rescuing a young raven who has fallen from her nest. After bringing her home and restoring her to good health, the two begin a life together and eventually fall in love. They produce a child, a girl. Though she appears human, she communicates in squawks and screeches and endlessly yearns for the sky. The story follows her as she approaches adulthood and desperately searches for a means to reconcile her human body with her raven soul. If you enjoy the unique and peculiar, this is an intriguing, beautifully illustrated option. If you're looking for something more like The Time Traveler's Wife, skip this one. 

Reviewed by Sam S.
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