The Radleys by Matt Haig

May 24, 2011

Forget Princess Mia of Genovia. Forget Harry Potter. The Radleys are about to be outed. And by their own daughter no less.

Devotees of The Abstainer’s Handbook, Peter and Helen are living a lie in order to raise their children as “normal people”. Their suffering is exacerbated by each of their mid-life crises. Pale and gangly Rowan is a bullied outcast in their small English town. And Clara’s recent conversion to veganism only magnifies her anemia.

But everything changes when Clara accidentally discovers a dark family secret. One night at a party she savagely kills a classmate in a way that should be impossible for a malnourished tween. Making matters worse the rogue Uncle that Rowan and Clara never knew they had comes to help the Radleys suppress the danger, and instead gives them a taste of exactly what they didn’t know they needed.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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