QB VII by Leon Uris

Dec 5, 2012

QB VII is a work of historical fiction that was written in 1970 and that takes place from the 1940’s to 1967. QB VII is a courthouse in London where a good portion of the book takes place. Before getting to the trial, the story follows the lives of Dr. Adam Kelno, a Polish doctor who was in the infamous Jadwiga Concentration Camp during World War II, and Abraham Cady, an American author who wrote about the Holocaust. Both men are haunted by their pasts.

Through the course of the book we are given glimpses into different parts of the world during the first half of the twentieth century, especially British colonial life in Malaysia, London, and Northeastern United States.

During the course of the trial, details of life in a concentration camp are brought into the open. In particular, details of what went on in the medical barracks are painfully disclosed by those who were there. To say that these details are sickening is a huge understatement.  A warning is advisable for any who find it difficult to read about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Leon Uris also wrote Exodus and Mila 18, both of which are about the Holocaust and its aftermath.

Reviewed by Diane H.
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