Please Stop Laughing at Me

Jodee Blanco
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Jun 29, 2015

Bullying is a sad fact of many children’s lives. Some adults like to dismiss school bullying as kids just being kids, a normal part of growing up. For those who are bullied, life is anything but normal—becoming a tortuous, unbearable place with no one and nowhere to turn to for relief.

Jodee Blanco writes an unflinching account of her middle- and high-school years, replete with heartbreaking tales of assault, both verbal and physical. While wanting the best for her, Jodee’s parents added to her distress. They, along with teachers, principals, and counselors, placed the blame for Jodee’s torment squarely on her. In truth, Jodee was different—she refused to stand by quietly when she saw others being hurt. For her compassion and refusal to sanction bad behavior, she was abused by her classmates.

Please Stop Laughing at Me is an excellent read-a-like for anyone who appreciated Odd Girl Out, Reviving Ophelia, or Queen Bees and Wannabes.

Reviewed by Diane H.
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