A Place to Call Home, Season 1 (DVD)

Bevan Lee
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Aug 2, 2016

This is the story of a complicated woman entangled in the lives of a powerful family. Sarah survived World War II in Europe and she’s working her way home to Australia as a nurse onboard an ocean liner. One of her patients is Mrs. Bligh, the commanding matriarch of a wealthy Australian family.  Sarah charms her patient’s son and grandchildren, but when she stumbles on a buried family secret Mrs. Bligh is determined to get rid of her.  Instead of quietly getting out of the way, Sarah just gets on with her life, accepting a position as a nurse in a small town near the Bligh family estate. Mrs. Bligh finds it unexpectedly hard to run her out of town.  Friendships and feuds collide as Sarah begins to put down roots and Mrs. Bligh tries to root her out. 

Watching Sarah sail right past the obstacles, bluster, and threats of those who believe she should be meek and obedient is such fun.  She is a formidable opponent for those who try to push her around and a powerful ally for those who come to trust her.  She shakes up small town life just by virtue of her presence. A Place to Call Home is Australia’s answer to some of the best historical dramas produced by the BBC.   Did you love the family honor and witty bickering in Downton Abbey? A Place to Call Home brings you another elite family full of intrigue and power plays.  If the realities of post-war life in Call the Midwife were captivating to you, this is your chance to see that same period of social transformation as it sweeps all the way into small town life in 1950s Australia. You could watch for the lovely setting and flawless period details, or for the strong and complex characters, but you should definitely watch.  

Reviewed by Christin D.
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