Parenting Your Powerful Child: Bringing and End to the Everyday Battles

Kevin Leman
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Aug 8, 2015

I listened to this audio book and knew I could relate to it when I found myself laughing out loud less than a minute into it. If you have a child who challenges your authority and thinks the world should revolve around them, this book will help save your sanity. It will show you how to reteach your child and yourself. I have skimmed through several books on this subject but never bothered to finish them. I would get annoyed when the book described situations (ones that were not as frustrating as the ones I was dealing with) and then give one simple answer on how to handle it. These books also didn't have any follow through if your child responded differently from their examples.  

Dr. Leman is a child psychologist and also has five children. He has lived through or worked with just about every childhood behavior imaginable. In Parenting Your Powerful Child he says, "If you have a powerful child, you're the one who taught him to be that way." The two main ways that parents teach their child this are: reacting emotionally to their tantrums, and giving into everything they want. He infuses humor with detailed examples of realistic situations between parent and child. He starts each chapter with a situation from a parent and then talks about the 'how' and 'why' of what you should say to your child, and ends each chapter with a bulleted list of power points. Dr. Leman also points out what the problem behaviors, if not dealt with, will look like when your child is an adult. 

I highly recommend this book and I think it's an excellent resource for parents with children of any age.

Reviewed by Catherine G.
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