Our souls At Night

Kent Haruf
Aug 10, 2018

I just loved Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf.

Set in a small town in Colorado during a current time period, this book kept me think about the situation that Addie Moore, a lonely widow, and Louis Waters, a widower have found themselves in. Being old and living alone can be very lonely.

What would I do if in my later years I became widowed and tried to have a relationship with a man my age?  Would my children try to direct my life? Role reversal between parent and children is a real problem when the parents don’t need to be parented.

But it's not all sad. It is also very happy when these two people try to be a family for her grandson when he is left with Addie by her son.

A  bittersweet and thought provoking story but one worth telling for all ages. This is Ken Haruf's last book. He had to write it faster than his other books so that it would be completed before his death.

A great read.


Reviewed by Library Staff