Our Boys A Perfect Season on the Plains with the Smith Center Redmen by Joe Drape

May 11, 2010

redmen1.jpg If this book doesn't make you want to put your McMansion up for sale and load up your spoiled Johnson County children and head to Western Kansas for a slice of real life well I don't know what will. Yes, A Perfect Season is about high school football, some of the best in the state. But truly it is the story of a community of men and women, teachers, coaches, lunch ladies, everyone in fact loving, guiding and supporting the children and young adults, whether or not they play football for the legendary Redmen. It also is about kids who are made to work and to be held accountable for their actions.. No namby-pamby children here, texting their mommies cause their credit card didn't clear at the mall. No angry parents looking to blame someone cause Jr. got a MIP (that's minor in possession) at some hot-tub party. After reading this book you'll want to go home and write up the most bad-assed chore list for summer your kids have ever seen!

Written by Melody K.

I had 11 kids in my senior class.